See Why Your Humble Beginning Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

Sometimes, you think about your disadvantaged background.
It becomes a source of discouragement to you.
You believe that this could be a problem to the achievement of your lofty goals.
You think people who have more privileged backgrounds would have it easier to fulfill their dreams and become successful.

But I’m here to tell you that what you have today is your reality. Your target should be how to get the best from what you have.
You have heard many stories about incredible achievements. One similarity is that these stories ended in success. The difference is that the achievers had different beginnings.
Humble beginning
The beginning you have today could be an opportunity for you to build a strong foundation for whatever you aim to build in the future. Blaming the beginning you have will lead to a few or no benefit to you.
One thing you must always consider about some of the achievers you see today: they had beginnings similar to what you have today. Some of them even had it harder than you have it today.
When they were deep in the ditch, they probably never thought that they will come out to become great. But they did their best every day and got to a satisfactory destination.
It is easy to read their stories today and assume that those achievers could only have ended up the way they did. However, there was no assurance about their future.
Now we see a clear success. When they started out, they started with a humble beginning. Even though they had big dreams, it was yet to become reality when they were putting in a lot of work.
If you are in a dark corner today, some have been in the same spot years before you and have overcome to achieve what they set out to achieve.
Your little beginning could be the hardship you need to build yourself up to the level required to achieve your aims. Will your humble background help you to become the person you need to be?
An easy background is good but it is good to a level and then it becomes an obstruction. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, David and Goliath, he expresses the relationship between financial wealth and ease of upbringing children.
It becomes easier for parents to bring up their children as they become richer but only to a level. After a level of wealth, it becomes more difficult to bring up their children.
Because when the income of parents gets high enough, then parenting starts to be harder again. For most of us, the value of the world we grew up in are not that different from the world we create for our children. But that’s not true for someone who becomes very wealthy.” – David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. 
The grass is always greener elsewhere. It is easier to look at a mate of your on the other side of the scale and imagine how life must be easy with all the money. How it must be easy to achieve their dreams with all the money. 
Many of your mates on the other side of the scale have it as difficult as you have it. They may have plenty of money, but having things with ease could be a problem to understanding how reality works. 
Ease never build worthwhile things. When we build a worthwhile reputation, it is always as a result of having stayed out of our comfort zones for a very long time.
Anybody who has a humble beginning would have it easier since you have had so little of comfort in the first place.
The hard position would build you for the difficulties you will encounter in the future. Your humble beginning is never an excuse for making the achievement you want to.
Never despise your humble beginning but see it as a learning experience to help you thrive later in the future.
Do Your Best Today

Instead of blaming your poor background, you can adopt a better strategy: do your best today.
With the resources you have today, are you doing the best you can?
If you do your best today, you give yourself the best chance of getting out of the bad situation you find yourself.
When Bill Gates and Paul Allen started out, they had big dreams but in 1975, Bill Gates didn’t see the Microsoft of today. He may have had a vision, but so do many companies that ultimately fail.
In 1975, Microsoft was just a new company. Bill Gates put in his best and built a company that revolutionized computing. Although many have said Bill Gates had an advantage because he went to a school where he could program.
It is, however, undeniable, that he did a lot of programming and actually put in a lot of hard work to achieve what he did with Microsoft.
J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book series, said she was poor when she was writing the Harry Potter books. And she also had children to cater for. That beginning is a crucial part of what she was able to achieve with the books.
She had to do a lot of writing in places that were uncomfortable. This didn’t stop her brilliance coming out in the much-acclaimed series.
Nelson Mandela had a beginning that could be called humble. He started at the point many people start their journey today: at the low end.
He started as a lawyer and from there began to fight for the right of people. As an activist, he fought for the desegregation of South Africa.
From there, he went through a lot of suffering. In the end, though, he achieved what many would have deemed impossible. His humble beginning never stopped him from working hard at his career. Starting small is never an excuse to give up.
Humble beginnings are a part of life. Most great things start small. The small things that become great, however, are the small things that have put in their best.
Today, your background does not have to be the excuse for your failure. Do your best not for 10 years, or 5 years, or even 10 days but only today. Do your best a day at a time.
When you do this, you give yourself the best chance to build the strongest foundation possible from your humble beginning.

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