Don't Be Heartbroken, Some Things You Do Are Bound To Fail

No matter how bad a failure you are, you have achieved success in some things.
No matter how successful you are, you have also failed in many pursuits.
This is common to everybody but we usually differ in the number of failures and successes we have.

It is interesting that the people who have more successes also have more failures.
Another mystery, or maybe not, is that no matter how much you try at some things, they just never seem to work.
Destined to fail 1

On a hot day, I sat under a tree in the garden to get fresh air before the heat would cause some havoc. The breeze under the tree was a far cry from the heat inside the house.
One other thing I noticed was a leaf getting withered on a cassava plant. It was an interesting sight because the withered leaf was in the midst of green leaves.
This sight brought me to the realisation that there are some situations we cannot help. There are some things that will not work, no matter how much effort we put into it.
The plant showed that it is beyond man-made events, it is natural. To work hard is a necessity and perseverance is vital. But it is important to draw a line. It is important to know when a situation is helpless.
In 2011, Google created Google plus, a social media website of its own. It was a common expectation that Google plus would be a worthy competition to Facebook and Twitter.
It was normal to have that expectation. Google is the web search king and the largest website online. The might of Google behind a website and its intelligent staffs was enough to make a website a big player.
Google had done it at least twice. It was not the first search engine online but it became the biggest. Gmail was once smaller that Yahoo! Mail but has since usurped Yahoo to become the biggest online mail.
But it never happened for Google Plus. Google Plus never usurped Facebook. In fact, it never posed a threat to Facebook.
We can analyse many things Google Plus did wrong but this may be the same things that other bigger websites have done. Does that step make Google weaker? No.
Not everything you do will succeed. This lends credence to the statement that no one is perfect. You may own a much smaller business than Google. Maybe you’re even running a one-man business.
Other people in your line of business seem to be getting that particular part of your work right. They seem to be doing it and you seem to be failing at it.
If it is the core of your business, you have a lot to worry about. But if it is just one component that is good but not vital, you have to be a bit easy on yourself.
Google had bigger businesses than Google Plus. If Facebook had a problem with Facebook, then it is a different story entirely. The plant I was looking at had many other leaves. It was not its stem that was rotten.
Destined to fail 2
In the Bible, King David was a valiant man. He was so valiant he was called the man after God’s heart. As the king of Israel, he had led Israel to battle and he had even won a battle single-handedly for Israel.
He killed the giant Goliath to win a battle which has led to the phrase ‘David and Goliath.’ David, after all his valiant acts, wanted to build a temple for God. God said no because of the blood in his hand.
Solomon his son would build the temple instead. This is a case where David was capable of the task but he was just going to fail in that particular endeavour.
When it seems that something is not working, what can you do?
Do your best
If something is not working, there are two possibilities: you’re not doing your best or it will not work for you. One thing you can do is apply your best effort.
No matter how boring and repetitive the work may be, it is important to commit your best to it. Many times, it may just be that what you need to have a breakthrough is to work harder at a task.
If you have not done your best, it is a mistake to assume that the work is not for you. One of the important needs for success in anything is to show up.
Whatever will work for you, you must have put in a lot of effort.
Analyse your work
What work have you done on a task? It is good to be able to analyse what you have done consciously as it will make the process clearer to you.
Analysing your work will make you see the flaws in what you have done. It will also lead to the aspects where you need to improve. In other words, it opens your eyes to the process of the task you engaged in.
One thing analysis will also help you to do is to see the tasks in which you have done your best. These are tasks where with additional improvement in your process, you see no changes in the results.
If this goes on for long, you are able to see it clearly through analysis.
Take action
What is the result of your analysis? If the result of your analysis show that you can do better, do better. If the result of your analysis show that you have put all the components of your plan to work effectively, you have to take action.
It is beneficial to either cool down on the efforts you apply to the task or eliminate it totally. Today, Google Plus is not the biggest Google business and does not drive the biggest focus of the company.
Whenever you stand under a tree, you can see many withered leaves on the ground. Many of those leaves fell while still green. But many were leaves that had rotten on the tree.
Such rotten leaves are usually the first to fall off the tree. It is the tree’s way of eliminating the things that will not work. If a leave has taken the tree’s nutrients like other leaves but fail to thrive, why should the tree continue to waste its nutrient?
When we fail at a particular task, it is easy to see many other people who succeeded at the task and brand ourselves as failures.
Whoever you look at is far from perfect. Even if he is an industry leader, he does not lead in all aspects of the field. He also has things that never seem to work for him.
When you’re tempted to see yourself as a failure because of a failed task, look at the many other things that you have succeeded at.
It is a good thing to consolidate on your strength. Some successful entrepreneurs have advised that it is important to always cut your losses as fast as you can. Before it brings the whole setup down.
If you pester on the failed aspect of your work for too long, it may be the small hole that could sink the big ship.
Maybe you are already an influencer in your field, or you are not, one piece of knowledge to have is that not everything you work on will be wildly successful. Even if you are a wildly successful individual or run a wildly successful business.

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