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3 Common Ways Ego Can Destroy You And What To Do

Ego can be a cause of downfall for anybody. When you have succeeded in a task or in your career, it is easy to think that you are the best. It is easy to think that you achieved success because you were flawless. Ego can blind you to things that people around you try to warn you about. It is even easy to think that those people are unqualified to offer advice to you because they have achieved much less than you have.

See Why Your Humble Beginning Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

Sometimes, you think about your disadvantaged background. It becomes a source of discouragement to you. You believe that this could be a problem to the achievement of your lofty goals. You think people who have more privileged backgrounds would have it easier to fulfill their dreams and become successful.

Don't Be Heartbroken, Some Things You Do Are Bound To Fail

No matter how bad a failure you are, you have achieved success in some things. No matter how successful you are, you have also failed in many pursuits. This is common to everybody but we usually differ in the number of failures and successes we have.

Boredom is Good For Your Creativity Says Psychologist Sandi Mann

In the movies, it is usual to see people solving problems creatively without even trying. It is common to see a protagonist in a movie plot the antagonist’s thought patterns in under a minute of thinking hard. It can make you feel dull in comparison if you have ever tried to find a creative solution in 30 seconds without any success.

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