The Most Inspiring Quote About Reality You’ll See This Week

In My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult, Anna Fitzgerald seeks medical emancipation from her parents. In a court scene, it became necessary for Anna to become a witness and be questioned in front of the judge.
The last thing Anna wanted was to be a witness. In fact, she had asked her lawyer about it before the trial just to be sure she would have no involvement in that sense.

Julia Romano, her guardian ad litem, having detected Anna’s reluctance said:
“Well, sometimes to get what you want the most, you have to do what you want the least.”
This is a quote that applies not only in that particular situation but in most of life. Everybody on earth wants something and most of those things have their requirements.
I have big dreams. You have big dreams. I have big plans for the future. You have big plans for the future. But greatness requires great efforts. Great efforts however, is what most people want the least.
Most Wanted

When what you want the most is coupled with what you want the least, it results into a difficult situation. A situation where most people come short. In fact, that is why greatness is scarce.
The formula for greatness is not complex neither is it scarce. The formula for greatness is simple and you know what to do to become great. The problem with the formula for greatness is that it is difficult to execute.
What do you want the most? It is probably something difficult to get. Anything easy to achieve would probably never be the most wanted for anybody. Just like a criminal will be on the most wanted criminals list because security organizations have been unable to catch him.
Maybe you want to be the best at what you do. Maybe you want to be the best entrepreneur, or writer. It may be accompanied by a lot of reading, analysis, and taking high stake decisions.
If the last thing you want is reading or record keeping, then doing your least enjoyed activity could get you the most enjoyed result.
There are things today that are necessary to achieve your biggest goals. How do you plan to engage in the unenjoyable tasks? In the words of Brian Tracy, how do you plan to eat the frog?
It is common to hear stories of many successful people who have gotten to the top of their field. Those stories are always filled with the struggles that preceded their success.
You even begin to ask ‘they actually did all these before getting their success?’ When we hear stories of people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Stephen King, we hear stories of people who did many things that were least pleasurable to them.
These least pleasurable things were the precursor to their success. Anna wanted medical emancipation but hated being a witness, the most important thing that could make her wish come true.
Are most of us just like Anna? Wishing for the results but reluctant to do the dirty work that would lead to the results.
The best lesson to learn is that you must always push yourself to do the things you find difficult if those things will advance you towards your goal.
It is a decision you must make consciously every day because the flesh is weak. It is easy to slip into the state of settling for the easy things that lead to mediocre achievement.
In many cases, the requirement for your big goal is a lot of hard and patient work. Are you ready to work until you are tired? And even work some more?
What if your goal requires deep thinking? This means you would also have to embrace solitude. Are you ready to shed your loquacious habits?
Whatever you want the most today, it could have a prerequisite of what you want the least. You must learn to always find ways of doing those things you hate doing.
Especially if those things are the key to your advancement.

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