The Good Side Of Having An Entitlement Mindset

Entitlement mentality is usually attributed to spoilt brats and selfish people. But who isn’t selfish? There are many bad sides to having an entitlement mindset but there is a good side to it which is important to human living. It may be good to feel entitled. If you really deserve what you feel entitled to.
People are always fast to castigate individuals who feel they are entitled to a benefit. Who are they to ask for more? Why are they inconsiderate of others? Why can’t they shut up and be grateful for what they already have?

In some cases, an entitlement mindset may cause problems but in some cases, it may solve problems. We will consider some ways in which an entitlement mentality might actually be good for you and maybe your society at large.
There are many causes of an entitlement mentality. One cause is upbringing. Some are brought up with all their needs met. They are doted on by their parents. Most of the people brought up in such environments grow up to believe that they can have whatever they want. This results in a bad case of entitlement.
Another cause is arrogance. There are some people who have a twisted knowledge of their self-worth. These people believe they are worth more than they are really worth. In a team project, people like these could cause a lot of problems because the group really knows the worth of these individuals.

Another cause of entitlement mentality is expertise and market rate. In various industries, there are experts who are probably in the top 10 percent or even 1 percent. These people expect some benefits as a result of their expertise. The benefits could be in many ways but usually financial.
Some of these experts are seen as evil if they are outspoken about what they want or what they think they deserve. In some cases, they are really accurate about their estimation of their self-worth.
For instance, let us say Mr. David is an investment banker at a big bank. Mr. David believes he is one of the best investment bankers in the world. Is he arrogant to believe that? No. This is because he has won many international awards as a banker and many of his mates tell him he is the best investment banker they know.
One other reason he knows he is one of the best is that rival banks want to employ him and pay him double what he earns presently. In this case, Mr. David has an accurate view of his self-worth.
Mr. David also has information that less prominent and proficient investment bankers in other banks earn more than he does. Over the months, Mr. David has been frustrated at his work partly because his autonomy on the job has been restricted and partly because he is not being paid what he believed he is worth.
What should Mr. David do? Continue in silence to endure his job when he is unhappy? Now if Mr. David makes his concerns known to the management of the bank, some may feel he has an entitlement mindset and he is arrogant.
Yes, he may have an entitlement mindset but he is anything but arrogant in such a circumstance. In such a case, not voicing his concerns could even lead to a hit in his productivity levels.
One of the career advice people dole out to new workers in an industry is that they should ask for the pay they feel they are worth. Because most companies or firms want to pay as little as possible for their services.
It is then irreconcilable if people crucify as arrogant, someone who asks for what he is worth. Especially if he is really worth it. We have seen many cases like this when people actually get new contracts with new improved terms after voicing concerns like this.
Many times, if you do not ask for what you want, you might never get it. There are many people who continue to endure terms that they find are bad for them. They want new improved terms. They want to be paid like their friends who are at the same skill level with them.
But they don’t want to be labeled the worker with the entitlement mentality. So they continue to endure those terms. And they blame the boss for being wicked. They watch the entitled ‘arrogant’ worker ask for what he is worth and sometimes, get it.
According to a survey by, 55 percent of employees didn’t ask for a pay raise in the past year and 23 percent have never asked because they’re uncomfortable doing so.Meanwhile, 48 percent of employers expected workers to ask for a raise.
According to online salary and benefits information company, it usually pays off to ask. They found that the higher your annual salary, the more likely you are to receive a raise – if you ask for it.
According to financial site The Simple Dollar, workers go into salary negotiations to earn what will meet their needs and not what they deserve. If people are not allowed to feel entitled, then many workers will be cheated and deprived of benefits that they really deserve.
There are some realms of business, especially people who deal with contracts like sportsmen or writers, where people with similar skills get different rewards from their careers.
This may occur because someone feels entitled to what they have while someone else feels being entitled is a taboo. If you offer a service to any organization, there must be a level of expectation from the organization regarding entitlements.
In fact, some organizations will ask you what you want. If you have a low self-esteem or believe you should be grateful for whatever you get, then you will always undersell yourself. Some organizations will not ask questions but it is important to voice your concerns if you feel what you are getting is not on the same level with your expertise.
There are other areas where feeling entitled can be a benefit to people and a society in general. Why do people have to hold elected leaders who underperform responsible for their actions? Because they feel entitled to good leadership from him.
If we lived in a world where no one is allowed to feel entitled, then leaders need not be accountable. Then, nobody knows how their taxes are being spent and they can hold nobody responsible. That, we know, will definitely lead to underdevelopment.
Being entitled does not always mean arrogance. In some cases, entitlement mindset is displayed by spoilt brats. But the overt generalization of entitlement mentality as the quality of the arrogant or spoilt brats has made many people unable to request for what they really deserve.
All I’m trying to say here is that people should ask for things they believe they really deserve. Because in some cases, that is the only way they can get what they deserve. People may label an individual who asks for what he deserves selfish. But who isn’t? Who is totally selfless?

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