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What Apple's Steve Jobs Knew About Making Promises That You May Be Unaware Of

When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007, he said: “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” “Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone,” he said. He said the iPhone will be a 3-in-1 device that combines its iPod music and video player, a phone and a ‘breakthrough internet communications device.’ It was a big promise. Even though Blackberry and Nokia were wildly popular at the time, Steve Jobs had no plan to underpromise. You should banish any plan to make an underpromise too.

The Good Side Of Having An Entitlement Mindset

Entitlement mentality is usually attributed to spoilt brats and selfish people. But who isn’t selfish? There are many bad sides to having an entitlement mindset but there is a good side to it which is important to human living. It may be good to feel entitled. If you really deserve what you feel entitled to. People are always fast to castigate individuals who feel they are entitled to a benefit. Who are they to ask for more? Why are they inconsiderate of others? Why can’t they shut up and be grateful for what they already have?

This Is More Important To Your Success Than Any Other Thing

Mr. Joe is an easy going man. He is tall, dark and handsome. He had beautiful dreams for the future and although he is still yet to manage to make his dreams reality, he is still very hopeful that one day, he would throw his fist into the air having conquered the world. When Joe was a young man, he had a proposed future. He would rise from the middle class that his parents have been hopelessly stuck for years. He would do business, he would become a business guru, he would build a beautiful mansion, he would buy exotic cars and travel to exotic locations in the world. And marry a beautiful wife. And now that he is married with two young kids, his wife is not a woman you would call ugly. Joe had achieved one of his goals but he still has many things to worry about. At least that was among the least of his worries.

Sleep Well, Live Longer And Be More Productive

Sleep is an activity that is common to all human beings. At least most of the human population sleep at least once in a day. But have we ever asked the question ‘why do we sleep?’ After all, when you sleep, you are doing nothing right? Not exactly.
Sleep as a topic went without discussion or investigation for many centuries. So much that most of the findings made from the study of sleep have come in the past twenty-five to thirty years. If you have never asked the question, now is the time to ask why we sleep and why we have to. Why can’t we all go on and on without sleep? Since there is enough work to do? One other question to ask about sleep is ‘how many hours should we sleep?’ Due to challenging situations in many work places and the pressure to perform, many have felt the need to reduce the amount of sleep they get each night. 
They think of cutting their daily sleep by two hours and salivate at the amount of work they can get done in two hours. But there is a better strategy to gett…

5 Reasons Nigerians Die Early And How To Tackle Them

The life expectancy in Nigeria, a country of one hundred and seventy (170) million inhabitants, is 53.4 years for men and 55.6 years for women. This means that a man who dies at 53 or a woman who dies at 56 has not died young, he or she has died at the expected age for Nigerians. It is a mind-boggling figure. It is even more mind-boggling when you realise that the country with the lowest life expectancy in Europe, Moldova, has a life expectancy of 71. Worldwide, the average life expectancy at birth was 71.5 years over the period 2010 – 2015 according to the United Nations World Population prospects 2015 Revision. Nigeria is 17 years below the average. Nigeria is also at an abysmal 177th (six places to the last) among the nations in the world on the life expectancy list with an average life expectancy of 54.5 years.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Payroll For Your Business

After years of hard work, you built a reputable business with diligent employees. You have probably realized that business can only thrive when they are efficient with their resources such as human capital, time, and money.             Most business still prefer to prepare their payroll internally. But is it the most effective way of preparing payroll for a business? Development in outsourcing payroll makes a case that preparing payroll internally may not be the best move for your business if you plan to ruin a highly efficient business.             There are many problems that may arise when payroll is prepared internally for a business. A staff is given the job of preparing a payroll which is a tenacious task for an establishment with a large member of staffs. This can lead to errors about remunerations for employees that have worked over time during the month or even the tax reductions that are to be made.

3 Reasons You Should Be An Influencer In Your Career

Close to the top of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the self-esteem needs. This is usually the fulfilment needs we have as a result of our career or many achievements. Few people are able to meet this need and it seems those are the lucky ones who happen to stumble upon worthwhile achievements. But are they just lucky? What if their actions made meeting these needs inevitable? In life, some people wait for things to happen to them. They hope and pray for good things. Some of them even know what to do to make extraordinary achievements. But they always fail at the action. Because some of these things are difficult to do and guarantee nothing. These people are pushed around by the wind of life to wherever the wind blows. To these people, things are always too difficult. They even point at several people around them who had failed, and some of them woefully. They use this as evidence that things are generally hard and the world is unfair.

Why Working Hard Can Propel You To The Next Level

In the beginning, or in the ancient ancient days, there was little education. There were few technologies, there were caves, not mansions, there was no electricity, no solid transportation network, and generally low standard of living. It was the time that people referred to as pre-civilization, or the much more common term, Stone Age.

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