7 Common Reasons You Fail To Achieve Your Goals Every Time

Time and tide waits for no man. Too many goals and too little time to execute them. Man wants success but man gets failure. Perhaps it takes an extraordinary power to achieve success. Or a bit of magic and superhuman abilities. The world is a difficult place and it is very hard to achieve sustainable success. But the world is not an impossible place. If you have paid your dues, then you’ll surely get the results you deserve.

Have you ever thought of setting tight deadlines? You need to read this...

One of the most amazing feats in architecture, Neuschwanstein castle, in Germany, took 24 years to be completed. Dracula castle in Transylvania took nearly a century to complete. So, how long do you think it will take to complete a skyscraper? Years. And you’ll be right based on skyscrapers that have been built in the past. But today, Broad Sustainable Building in China will beg to differ. The company built a 57-storey skyscraper, Mini Sky City, that has 800 homes and working space for 4,000 people. In just 19 days. Did I say it is earthquake proof? Yes, it is.

How to Attain Expertise in Your Career Through Deliberate Practice

In the summer of 2008, during Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps had gone through his usual routine before his swimming event. He had done his 25 metre sprint in the pool to raise his heart beat. After that, he put on his head set for his songs playlist before a race.
He was getting ready for the 200 metre butterfly race. Minutes later, the athletes were beside the pool, ready for the event. Moments later, the gun went off and each swimmer plunged into the swimming pool for the chance at winning the ultimate medal: Olympic gold.

7 effective tips to increase your workplace productivity in 2018

You left for your workplace in the morning like a hero. With the hope of getting a lot of things done. But you came home tired and with the niggling thought that you could have done better than that.
You’re not alone. Workplace productivity is one of the most important things in any workplace. Except you don’t love your work, you always want to increase the quality and quantity of work you can do daily. Whether you’re a very effective worker, or a mediocre one, there is always room for improvement. No man is perfect and therefore the need for constant improvement. The extent of what man can achieve is limitless.

5 Small Things You Can Start Today That Can Have Surprising Benefits on Your Career

You have been thinking about it. And it has been giving you migraine. You had high hopes for your career. But now you feel your career has gone stagnant. You have been told to sweat the big things, the important things, and ignore the small things. You have followed that to the letter but your career is still stuck in mediocrity. Are the small things unimportant? This advice seems to imply it. However, it is a really bad idea to follow. Because the small things are more important than you think.

3 Common Ways Ego Can Destroy You And What To Do

Ego can be a cause of downfall for anybody. When you have succeeded in a task or in your career, it is easy to think that you are the best. It is easy to think that you achieved success because you were flawless. Ego can blind you to things that people around you try to warn you about. It is even easy to think that those people are unqualified to offer advice to you because they have achieved much less than you have.

See Why Your Humble Beginning Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

Sometimes, you think about your disadvantaged background. It becomes a source of discouragement to you. You believe that this could be a problem to the achievement of your lofty goals. You think people who have more privileged backgrounds would have it easier to fulfill their dreams and become successful.

Don't Be Heartbroken, Some Things You Do Are Bound To Fail

No matter how bad a failure you are, you have achieved success in some things. No matter how successful you are, you have also failed in many pursuits. This is common to everybody but we usually differ in the number of failures and successes we have.

Boredom is Good For Your Creativity Says Psychologist Sandi Mann

In the movies, it is usual to see people solving problems creatively without even trying. It is common to see a protagonist in a movie plot the antagonist’s thought patterns in under a minute of thinking hard. It can make you feel dull in comparison if you have ever tried to find a creative solution in 30 seconds without any success.

The Risk You Fear Is Usually Different From The Risk That Can Really Hurt You

Every day, we take on risks. Some of these risks are so common that we no more see them as risks. Whenever you drive to your workplace, there is always a risk – no matter how low – of an auto accident. But how many people think of this risk? Very few. There are some other risks we often fear. We think about those risks constantly. In fact, these thoughts lead to full blown worry. Many times, your fear is probably misplaced because some risks are actually exaggerated but affect a very small percentage of people. There are some risks however, that are more dangerous but that we place little attention to.

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